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Zilver Cruys in de bloemetjes.

Fermentis, de grootste wijngistfabrikant ter wereld
schrijft over Wijngoed Zilver Cruys.

Congrats to Zilver Cruys!

The Zilver Cruys vineyard (translated by the Silver Cross) is one of the northernmost vineyard in Europe; making the harvest a challenge every year for Filip, owner of the land. 2016 has been a successful year for the winery: two wines have been rewarded with gold medals in the best Belgian wines competition:
                        A Pinot Noir                                                  A sparkling wine Brut Nature,
 Fermented with the active dry yeast SafŒno VR 44       Fermented with the active dryyeast SafŒno CK S102
            oorkonde gouden medaille pinot noir                                                 
The Zilver Cruys range is pretty wide: it offers different white wines: a fresh and fruity Pinot Gris, a Chardonnay aged in barrel, but also a Pinot Noir et 4 sparkling wines (one of which – the Brut Tradition – has won a medal this year). All these wines are fermented in direct inoculation. For all these wines, Filip pitches the yeast directly into the fermentation tank thanks to the easy-2-use process.
The Silver Cross domain was named because of the 12 meters monument in front of it: “The cross of reconciliation”. Indeed, the vines stand above an old battle field from the First World War.
Filip Decroix is a descendant of a Belgian front soldier. His great grandfather was one of the most decorated soldiers fighting with the Chasseurs à Pied, infantry (called Green Evils). In 2014, for the centenary commemoration, a poppy flavored sparkling wine was produced – the Poppy Wine. This wine has even been served at the British parliament.
Lastly, everyone knows it, Belgium is well known for its wide range of beers! A new idea has grown in the winemaker mind: produce a sparkling wine with hops. The cuvee will be disgorged in July 2017 – the previous tests have been very promising; bringing three tastful sensations : wine, hops and even cider.


The exclusive use of Fermentis products by the Zilver Cruys domain permits a good continuity and a very good freshness for the wines according to Filip. Indeed, besides the active dry yeasts used by the winemaker, other fermentation activators are also added – especially theSpringarom, preserving the freshness and wines aromas.

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